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We, Clear Sunshine, the only one, start from saving people.

Qiu Jianbo, a doctor, was the first time he rescued Spider-Man from high-altitude cleaning operations more than 10 years ago. He had the idea of developing high-tech glass automated cleaning equipment.

Qiu Jianbo recalled that rescue, and he said: “As a medical staff, the injury and pain in my heart did not rescue the patient and saw the incompetence of life. At that time, the family of the patient’s expectant eyes, the eyes looked back so far. All feel helpless and guilty."

Afterwards, Qiu Jianbo searched the Internet for “spider spiders” and found that the country’s annual accidents involving spiders who work at heights frequently occur. According to statistics, in Beijing in 2011 there were more than 10,000 people engaged in high-altitude operations such as building cleaning, of which more than 70% were illegal employees, and the number of deaths and deaths was as high as 40. This makes Qiu Jianbo even more determined to spend all his spare time on the idea of developing automated glass cleaning equipment.

Qiu Jianbo went to Germany, the United States and many other countries to study on the spot. The product concept of automated glass cleaning equipment became clearer. In order to transform the product concept into a real object, Qiu Jianbo formed a team with a group of designers and mechanical experts who returned from studying abroad. He was immersed in a narrow garage every day and was associated with design drawings. More than 40 sets of molds, nearly 100 kinds of spare parts, non-stop paintings, and constant changes.

In 2015, the world’s first automated cleaning equipment dedicated to the glass roof of the sun room was officially launched. Qiu Jianbo’s team successfully applied for patent protection. Shenzhen Lier Solar Technology Co., Ltd. was born.

"Let the spiders who have fallen from the sky and no longer fall under the sky" is the vision in Qiu Jianbo's mind and is also the original intention of creating "Leir Sunshine." Qiu Jianbo said: "This is not a venture, but an extremely glorious career. It will help more and more Spider-Man work more safely and with more dignity, and it will certainly promote the transformation and upgrading of the clean industry. For the society, it is of great value.” Lear Sunlight will not forget the beginning of the heart and continue to move forward, so that “Collier” into the millions of households, let science and technology return to life, let China Zhizhi build The ultimate experience allows technology to have temperature.


Create an intelligent cleaning era

Shenzhen Clear Sunshine Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2015. It is the first enterprise in China that will use mechanical intelligence to replace artificially applied construction surface cleaning services. The company is located in the central part of Longhua New District, which is the geographical center of Shenzhen and the central axis of urban development. The transportation hubs such as Meiguan Expressway, Jihe Expressway and Nanguang Expressway meet here.

Clear Sunshine focuses on intelligent cleaning services, and continues to innovate around the needs of large-scale photovoltaic projects, municipal buildings, urban business centers, large shopping malls, sun rooms, villas, high-end residential customers, and provides professional cleaning service solutions to help companies improve cleanliness. The efficiency reduces operating costs.

Clear Sunshine will continue to be market-oriented, focusing on consumer needs and tailoring different service solutions based on the specific needs of branch companies, agents, and service providers to provide end customers. The company has more than 20 years of actual experience in R&D teams, core executives of listed company operating experience, as well as enthusiastic, motivated employees, and many successful project cases. It has the strength and confidence to provide customers with low cost and high efficiency. Satisfy customers' solutions.

As a powerful new force in the industry, Clear Sunshine focuses on the professionalism and innovation of professionalism and arduous pioneering. It is trying hard to build Clear Sunshine into a sense of responsibility to the society, a sense of mission to the government, and promoting the development of the industry. Make the city cleaner and better.


[Company Positioning]: Intelligent glass cleaning and dedicated service provider.
[Company Vision]: To create a global leader in intelligent glass cleaning services.
[Company Mission]: Make your life more healthy and sunny.
[Company spirit]: perseverance, pioneering and innovative.
[Company Style]: Resolute and perfect.
[Employee Code]: Equality, transparency, and growth.
[Corporate values]: The right way, good only.


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